Diabetic wounds treatment

Universal wound healing ointment with a complex of biochemical composition


«Biontegra» ointment is a universal, high-tech remedy for healing various types of wounds, obtained in combination of traditional and innovative advanced scientific results of the international health cluster, aimed at achieving the effective quality of treatment of wounds at the request of the World Health Organization.

Regular application of ointment helps to increase blood flow to the desired area of the skin and accelerate metabolism. Due to this, there is a rapid renewal of tissues and the growth of new cells. And thanks to the antiseptic, antimicrobial action of the drug, on the surface of the skin stops the growth and spread of harmful bacteria.

Features & specifications

  • restoration of the structure of the skin matrix (the basis of skin tissue) due to a complex of molecules embedded in the structure of the skin, which contributes to early wound healing
  • covering the wound surface with a special composition that promotes the reproduction of fibroblast cells in the skin tissue
  • the ointment composition does not allow to multiple harmful microflorae, stops the spread and growth of harmful microflora
  • restoration of the skin matrix, forming the elastic and healthy skin, preventing the formation of colloidal scars
  • stimulates the production of collagen fibers
  • relieves swelling in the wound area
  • prevents inflammation of damaged tissue

Potential applications

  • treatment of non-healing wounds in diabetes mellitus, such the diabetic foot, neuropathy and so on
  • heavy gunshot wounds
  • purulent, postoperative wounds
  • burns
  • frostbites
  • bedsores
  • ulcers, including trophic

Benefits for customers

  • the ointment positive effect was confirmed by the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation, as well as leading public and private clinics of the Southern Federal District of the Russian Federation
  • a recognizable brand that received the high score at exhibitions in Korea, Israel, and India
  • does not lose efficiency at low and high temperatures
  • does not require special storage conditions
  • free of alcohols, fats & oils

Possible types of cooperation

  • distribution
  • wholesale purchase
  • license agreement


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