Request-Quincke needle

Request for license agreement for Quincke spinal needles and organization of their production in Russia


The company from Moscow wants to establish the production of spinal needles Quincke in Russia. The needles are designed to perform a lumbar puncture of the canal for the purpose of spinal anesthesia, as well as for diagnostic purposes.

Features & specifications

X-ray spectral analysis of these needles was carried out to determine the dark and light areas. The needle consists of two parts on which the periodic marking in the form of dark strips of various length is put. Spectral analysis showed that the material is stainless steel. The spectra of «light» and «dark» regions show clear differences in the spectral lines of iron and oxygen.


Advantages for partners

The company has all the necessary resources, including financial resources, to purchase the required technology and launch the production of Quincke needles in Russia.

Possible types of cooperation

  • license agreement
  • joint venture

This business request has been officially validated by the European Commission, which confirms its relevance and honesty.

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