Parachuting rescue tool

Parachuting rescue technology from high-rise buildings and structures during the emergency evacuation


This technology development has begun in 2006, nowadays more than 30 foreign patents and many certificates have been received.

The device is designed to evacuate people, including unconscious, as well as valuable cargo in emergency and dangerous situations, for example, when evacuating from burning high-rise buildings. The fireproof design of the rescue parachuting technology allows for 15-20 seconds to prepare and evacuate in any weather conditions, on any surface, including water.

Characteristics & specifications

Potential applications

  • evacuation of valuable cargo, people, as well as sedentary and unconscious people from high-rise buildings, mountains, on the water surface, during an open fire, in all weather conditions
  • rescue parachuting for civil aviation
  • extreme sport
  • amusement park


Possible types of cooperation

  • acquisition of a Russian company with all tangible and intangible assets and intellectual property rights
  • acquisition of all intellectual property and the results of scientific and technical activities to launch its own production
  • acquisition of exclusive rights to patents and trademarks
  • production license agreement



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